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Take a great idea to the market

Get guidance on expanding

Have a one-off support session

Provide implementation support

Long term ongoing support

Review and Analysis

Check your financial performance

Get the right questions to ask

Learn about accounting costs

Targeted business financial analysis

Price friendly package


Regain business focus and motivation

Take your business out of isolation

Identify and action core issues

Understand  and evolve your business

Tools to improve your business

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How can I help you?

Give yourself permission to stop doing the things you feel obligated to do and start planning to do more of the things you are most passionate about.


How can I help you to achieve that? By using my skills acquired over a long period of time, I can bring the following expertise to assist your business:


Business Management

Identify with key stakeholders business goals. Identify issues impeding business growth. Execute management change strategies.


Financial Analysis

Review and improve cash flow. Highlight areas of cost reduction. Highlight areas for profit improvement.


Process Improvement

Review and improve administration documentation flow. Review and improve order despatch and customer service. Review and highlight computer system deficiencies.


Project Management

Prepare for and implement warehouse relocations. Prepare and implement automation of manual logistic procedures. Prepare for and implement computer system upgrades.




Roy's Top Tips

Invest in Relationships

The business process won’t work unless you invest in the relationships around you.

Own your Decisions

Your business is your responsibility, own all your decisions, both good and bad.

Understand Consequences

Tough decisions become less difficult to make when you start to understand what the consequences will be of those decisions.

Job or Passion?

Is your business just a job to you or is it something that you are really passionate about?

It pays to know the difference.

Look after Yourself

Look after your physical and mental health. Stressful situations are magnified in intensity if your health is compromised.

Enjoy the Rewards

Find time for yourself amongst the ebb and flow of business life. Enjoying the rewards of a successful business is a stunning moment.

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